The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir

Monday, October 20, 2014


Written during a waning moon in the sign of Virgo on a day ruled by the moon.

Next Full Moon - November 6, 2014

 One of my siblings and I were corresponding via email recently and she was telling me of her recent car trip to see some extended family members.  The trip took days and it was hard on her and her husband.  It was a family reunion affair at the home of one of the adult children.  She mentioned to me that it was a long and very tiring trip and that it was obvious that they weren't completely welcomed.  I understand this well, as we too have experienced this situation when visiting those of the younger generation. 

I was thinking about that, and also thinking about the past few months and the several house guests we've had.  Honestly, I really enjoyed having these guests.  It was actually what it is supposed to be, a reunion, an enjoyable time and a bit of a celebration of family and friends.  But I do remember some other times in my life when visits were not so enjoyable and downright exhausting.  I think that it depends on the visitors, of course, but I also think that during this time of my life, I have the time to prepare, plan, entertain and enjoy my company, as I don't have to satisfy any other commitment or follow any other schedule. 

Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that, amongst other things, I am a feminist.  The type of feminism I believe in allows for women to be what they want to be, without having to fit into a stereotyped role.  So I see the value in the traditional woman as well as the successful career woman, the homemaker, the mother, the healer.  Having said that, and while looking back at my own experiences, I realize how unfair it was for me to have been expected to take on so many roles, to juggle work, plus family, plus entertaining house guests without letting on how exhausted I was.  While women are now expected to do everything a man does, we are also expected to keep our "traditional" roles.  Yes, that statement is a bit of a generalization I know, but this has been my true life experience and I'm sure the experience of other women.   I'm sure, because over the years I have witnessed it. So when I think back to when my own visits to see others didn't seemed overly welcoming, I also realize that it probably wasn't because they weren't happy to seem me, but simply because the lives of most people are too busy to properly entertain guests and still have enough energy left to actually enjoy the visit.

Now that I am older, I am enjoying my life.  I am doing the things I love, domestic things, outdoor things, crafty things.  I am choosing  the home as the focus on my energy and I do not feel inadequate or anti-feminist at all.  I believe I may be more of a feminist than many women who claim to be. But this appears to be quite a bother to some women. An acquaintance of ours, who is older than I and of the early feminist movement generation,  does a fair amount of eye rolling when she visits our home.  She seems to be overly irritated at every domestic thing I do, including clearing the dinner dishes, preferring perhaps to stare at dirty plates all evening.  It's as if I am a traitor to her generation, or some sort of weak ignorant slave.  And this makes me a bit angry because this was always supposed to be about choice - personal choice.


There's a fire in the stove today.  The warmth of the tropical storm winds are gone and so is the humidity and we are back to the glorious Autumn weather.   

Hope you all have a wonderful day.