Friday, August 22, 2014

a different way of seeing

Written during a waning moon in the sign of Cancer on a day ruled by Venus

In my cleaning and organizing frenzy I have even attacked the bookcase in my special room and found a small treasure.  I am sure I have mentioned this book before, but in case you missed that mention, it is called The Sidhe by John Matthews. LINK

This is a book of channeled material, and to be honest, I am not really a fan of this type of thing.  However, the information channeled stuck a cord with me, as it speaks to my own beliefs.  I decided, since it is not a heavy or long read, that I would give it a second read and I have done so, in small bits,  over the course of several days.  In one section the message channeled had to do with how one would begin to reconnect with the spirits of living things, especially in nature.  Although I do this from time to time, I decided to make it a more regular activity, as in my every day.

Yesterday was a beautiful day so I put the laundry in a basket, took it outside and started to cause a nasty downpour by hanging it on the clothesline.  While out there I began to look at the ultra green almost glowing ground cover that grows in this area,  and then I started to really look, trying to see more than the surface impressions, but there was this strange buzzing sound distracting me.  At first I assumed it was some lawn maintenance device being used in the neighborhood, as these are the modern day sounds of summer, and continued to go about my business hanging clothes.  As I looked up to clip the clothespin to the towel, however, I saw that the buzzing was coming from a beautiful hummingbird hovering inches from me.  I looked up and just watched this strange and beautiful creature.  The bird went from my clothes line to the neighbor's line, also quite close to me, and just hovered and looked at me, as I quietly looked back without moving, trying out my new habit of different seeing.  Back and forth the bird went, from line to line, watching me until I looked up from the laundry and saw that I was once again alone, knowing as one does, that this was not at all a coincidence.

Needless to say, this experience prompted me to continue the practice of seeing with "different" eyes.  Of course it's easier to begin with nature, but it's likely to be quite illuminating to practice this activity with other humans, learning to see the spirit/sacred in them as well.  How could one be immediately judgmental or impatient if you are able to see the truth, the reality of things, instead of summing a person up on a matter of minutes?  More importantly, how wonderful it would be if we could/would really see, and understand the bond between all  living things?


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mirror, Mirror

Written during a waning moon in the sign of Cancer on a day ruled by Mercury.

It is a beautiful day.  The crispness of the air and the blue of the sky is telling of the changing of the season. Autumn is a lovely time.

Today I broke a small magnifying mirror, not by looking in it but because it slipped out of my hand.  At first I was rather unhappy about it, not that I can't replace it, but there always seems to be something wrong with breaking glass or a mirror, some harbinger of bad luck.  Around the same time I had been thinking about a certain energy that seems to have surrounded us lately.  One thing after another, most which, on some level, has to do with money - so much so that we are unable to stop thinking that it's "like we are cursed."

Now I am a believer in curses and I also believe that not everyone, in fact, very few people even realize that they are cursing someone.  However, if a person is jealous or for some reason is filled with negative feelings about another person, that is a darn powerful curse - sometimes the worst kind, simply because these usually involve relentless thoughts.  In my experience, I find that the relentless energies from this person will sooner or later present itself in dreams.  Usually you will be surprised to have a dream about this person, as you likely haven't even thought about him/her in quite some time, but they are certainly thinking about you, and not in a good way.  If, by chance, you are also having a bit of a run of bad luck, well, it's more than a little bit possible that there is a curse hanging over your head.

These days, in this competitive world riddled with envy and greed,  I suspect there are a lot more curses hanging over our heads than ever before. Perhaps spiritual cleaning should be done more routinely,  hex-breaking performed as often as we change our sheets.  Those of us who once thought all we had to do was wear a black tourmaline necklace might have to re-think this whole thing and step up our protection routine.

So, back to the story.  The Bard has been having these weird  kinds of dreams about someone that is likely to be having the bad thoughts, the jealousy, the obsessive kinds of energies that curses are made of, although a curse would likely be the last thing on this person's mind.  So, today when I broke the mirror I saw it as a sure sign that our suspicions are correct.  But it wasn't until later when I consulted the oracle of all knowing (aka the internet) that I discovered that a broken mirror can be put into a jar and kept on a window sill to catch the nasty stuff.  :)  I have used broken glass for that purpose  before but I have never used a mirror (because I didn't want to break one.)  Anyway, I quickly retreived the pieces of broken mirror from the wastebasket and did just that.

And then, still convinced that I must rid our lives of this problem,  I consulted the other oracle of all knowing (the tarot) for some advice and turned over The High Priestess card.  This one, to be exact:

From the Druidcraft Tarot
 So, needless to say I will be a little busy with this project for the next few days.

But also finding time to enjoy the crisp cool weather, and continue to clean out that mess in the basement.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 Written during a waning moon in the sign of Gemini on a day ruled by Mars.

 Trees, you know that I am still small, and sometimes still afraid. You know because I sat for hours underneath your shade, resting up against your sturdy trunk, reading of timid girls like me who someday would be strong.

Wind,  I am in awe of your strength, your persistent devotion to my truest self, turning carefully styled hair back into wild knots and tangled locks.  You whispered to me the stories of my life, told me of the places I belonged and pushed me, like Autumn's colored leaves, towards the places I must go.

Rocks, I have collected you, especially small shiny ones that twinkle in the sun.  Long before I read it in a book, I knew of your strength.  You are the old grandparents, quiet and wise. 

  I have found you in my favorite places.  You have marked boundaries and led the way through woods,  to hidden waterfalls, and small quiet places where the goodly people live.

 I have held you, seashells, close to my ears and listened to the roar of the sea.  You have taken me to quiet beaches in the early morning and to sights so magical I still wonder if it was a dream. You  have spoken of eternity, whispered the oldest secrets in my ear, took me on an ancient voyage, and helped me find my home.

 Rain, you have always comforted me.  You cried tears of sadness and loneliness for those who watch the rain, who love the comfort of a lamplight in the window, or a drive down dark and rain-drenched streets.  You have refused to obey schedules or care about plans.  You beat down on old paned windows and darken classrooms in the middle of the day.  

Dreaming the soft dreams of daytime, I watched drops drip from the leaves of trees.  I  walked home jumping over and through puddles. I felt strength and comfort in your unapologetic breakdowns, your emotional release, your cleansing honesty.  I marveled at thunder’s bolt of jolting truth,  the way lightning cracked open the world and let me see how little was holding it all together.