Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Moving Into the Dark Midwinter.

 This post was written during a full moon in Taurus on a day ruled by Mercury.

 Yule was an indigenous midwinter festival celebrated by the Germanic peoples. The earliest references to it are in the form of month names, where the Yule-tide period lasts somewhere around two months in length, falling along the end of the modern calendar year between what is now mid-November and early January.[5]   - From Wikipedia

Good Morning Readers,

It is very seasonal here, bright sun, cold temperatures.  I'm sure many bloggers are busy with their Thanksgiving plans.  I am rather glad that Thanksgiving is celebrated earlier here, and that we are able to focus solely on one holiday at a time. It is almost time for me to start the Christmas/Yule decorating in earnest, but I must admit, those boxes full of things in the basement are a bit daunting, right now.  However, this is the classic time of the Yule season so I am feeling the pull to get in the spirit.   The Winter Solstice is on November 22.

Being in the darker time of the year is pulling me towards regular meditation and stillness.  I also find this time of year is full of curious things, even odd behaviors from others that are often left in question.  It's as if we are all in a light trance, although I know that it is often blamed on the stress and busyness of the Christmas season.  The "magic of Christmas" may be the name we have attached to this energy, and this energy is normally seen as magical in a non-harmful way.  I'm sure our ancient ancestors would disagree about this, though, as the dark time of year was when the spirits walked and when it was easy to lose your way should you walk the woods at night.  Perhaps the craziness of the
"Back Friday" tradition has some rather ancient roots after all. 

I hope all who celebrate Thanksgiving have a wonderful day.


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Presently in the Present Moment

Written during a waxing moon in the sign of Taurus on a day ruled by Mars.

Good Morning Readers,

It's good to see the sun and an end to the rain, but with that comes the colder temperatures.  Ah, Winter. 

Winter is a good time to hunker down and engage in quiet pursuits, and a great time to study or practice the tarot.   I am anxiously awaiting the delivery of my pre-ordered companion book to the Deviant Moon Tarot.  I find that deck quite interesting and because it is quite different from a standard Rider deck, it is conducive to intuitive readings and even readings in which we contact spirits.  (I have had some particularly interesting experiences with this.)  I plan to use a pendulum with this deck as well.  However, with these types of decks, I love hearing/reading about the artist's take on the images in the cards, especially in a deck that is as unusual as this.

During the Winter things slow down and we tend to do less physical activity.  This is a more meditative time, also very conducive to meditation, reflection and  divination. 

Today I chose the three of wands.  I really like this card.  I love the feel of it.  When looking at the image I feel incredibly secure.  Not only with the present situation, but of the future as well.  The man in the card has his feet firmly in the earth, in the present moment.  He holds onto one of the wands, claiming ownership for where he stands, where he is in his life.  He faces forward, looking into the distance, but again, he stands firmly in the present. The future depends on the present. His wands have new growth on them, which suggests that he is not resistant to change and growth.  He does not want to stop time, or live in the past, and he welcomes the future, even though he cannot know all that it brings. 

This card often foretells of increased success.  Often there has already been initial growth in a particular part of life, but wait, there's more. The message of this card is to face forward, into the future, while taking care of the present moment.  Many times when this card appears there has been some success in a person's life, and that energy is surrounding the seeker, bringing in additional opportunities and overall good fortune.  This fortune, however, is not magical.  It does not come without hard work and determination.  The message is to keep looking forward while standing firmly in the present, and do not turn back.  This card often appears when someone is spending too much time in the past, and as a result there are problems in the present moment and the seeker might be stuck in the present moment and feel unsure about the future.

This card was certainly the right one for me today. I am going to put it where I can see easily see it and give some thought to the message it holds for me. 

And with that, I'm off to start the morning routine.

Hope you all have a wonderful day,