Friday, May 22, 2015

The Chariot - Movement

Written during a waxing moon in the sign of Cancer on a day ruled by Venus

I believe that The Chariot's visit on this day is to encourage me to reenforce my actions and reactions to situations in my life, those that I realize I need to work on.  But first, I must learn to master my own thoughts, opinions, actions and (especially) reactions .

  Today's Card
  The Chariot 

Before we can begin any journey in life, we have to decide where we are, where we want to go, and who we really are.  This is not going to happen by process of elimination, ignoring every outside influence, annoyance, or hindrance.  It won't happen by simply focusing on what we don't want and like in our lives, but looking at who we really are and what in life is keeping us from being that person and reaching our destination.

The missing reins are the most interesting symbol in this card. It speaks of control, specifically the control of others, and asks you to examine how much pull one is letting others have in our lives, and shows us that to retain control of the self, we simply let go of the reins, stop expecting or trying to force others to behave in a certain way.  By doing so we do not lose, but gain control over ourselves.

  "Sevens represent the ending of a cycle and the unfolding of the soul."
- Marcia Marsino, "Easy Tarot Guide.

The Chariot cards speaks to direction, control and movement.The man in the Rider image is dressed for battle, yet appears calm.  He controls the chariot without the use of reins, using what apears to be the pure power of will. This is a time of balance, determination and a strong mindset.  It is a card of control, but the control is achieved by first mastering the self.  You can't control the chariot unless you know your true destination.

Mythic Tarot  LINK

 In the image on the right from the Mythic Tarot, horses replace the sphinx and there is more of a feeling of motion.  The charioteer holds the reins in this image, but he is experiencing difficulties as the horses are each pulling in a different direction.  Heavy clouds are behind the rider, so there is a sense that he is leaving a problematic situation, however he may not be sure where exactly he is going.  Without direction, he can be pulled in many directions all the while feeling he is in control.