Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello There. Remember Me? When Tarot is a Nag.

Written during a waning moon in the sign of Pisces on a day ruled by the moon.

rider waite smith tarot
The Tarot is persistent with its messages, and will often deliver the same card several times, or you might find yourself faced with the same symbolism or message in dreams or your daily life.  This is the quiet synchronicity of the Tarot.   The card that is visiting me lately is the four of swords.   

While I love the serene nature of this card , it's not a welcomed card if you happen to be interested in action and movement.  It is quite clear when the four of swords appears that things are not moving quickly, and that there is a need to take a break, to regroup, to just be.  As I've said before, this can be good news to those who have been having a run of difficult and stressful times.  It can be a card of physical or emotional healing.  The other message, however, which comes when the four of swords is a stand alone card is finding of the self through a period of reduced activity, and a purposeful retreat from the regular and/or expected parts/roles of life.  This card promotes reassessment, adjustment, avoidance, retreat, rebirth.

Deviant Moon Tarot

A beautiful image of the four of swords is found in the Deviant Moon Tarot.  There is a rather sad, yet peaceful serenity to this card. The roses are still alive, making it clear that this is not a card of death or endings, but of rest and retreat, before beginning a new life as the same person, changed.

"The girl in the ground is dreaming again.  Her visions illuminate the tomb and keep four roses in bloom.  Three swords are plunged into the earth to mark her place of sleep. A fourth sword lies buried beside her." - Deviant Moon Tarot Booklet.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rising Again

Today's Card
This is the card of rebirth.  It is the card of "the calling."  Judgement can indicate a spiritual call, an overwhelming feeling of being taken care of.  It can literally mean that a much desired communication will take place.  When this card appears there are likely "coincidences and synchronicity, strange and unexpected happenings afoot. This is also a card of forgiveness if one is truly sorry, looking to be forgiven and is determined to change his/her ways.  The rising from the dead symbolism of this card makes it the card of second chances and a new lease on life.  When this card appears the slate has been cleaned and we can start over again as if "it never happened."  Judgement can also represent self-forgiveness and appears to those who have a hard time forgiving themselves for the sins of the past.  As with most of the tarot cards, the first thing to determine is which figure/symbol in the card represents you.  This is a card of release and rebirth. A new lease on life.

I'm sure most of us could use the energies of this card.  One of the many things I've noticed as I have aged is that many of my friends and family members have trouble dealing with the past.  Memories begin to haunt them and the non-productive, anxiety promoting habit of the "if only" thinking wakes them in the middle of the night.  Lately I find so many people are looking back and trying to rewrite the scripts of their lives.  Not only is this pointless, it stops us from moving forward, rising from the grave of our own making. The truths are as follows: 

You cannot change what has already happened.  
You are not the person now that you were in the past.
Every moment is a new moment
Thoughts are Things. 
Your thoughts can become your reality 

The symbolism of the grave in this card is significant. The grave represents the place we often confine ourselves to when we dwell on the negative experiences in life.  It is a hell of our own making.  The angel blows his horn to awaken us. In a reading this could indeed represent a spiritual/religious entity/influence or it can represent a person who delivers an important message that sets us free and allows us a "rebirth" of sorts.  The call awakens us, but only we can move out of the darkness and into the light of the new day.