Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thoughts on Blogging

 This post was written during a waxing moon in the sign of Aquarius on a day ruled by Jupiter.

For quite some time now I have been searching for blogs to add to my reader.  It has not been a rewarding search, save a few very interesting blogs.  Some people think that blogging is dead, but I still see a lot of blogs out there.  The trouble is, when investigating these blogs, you will find that the last post was six or more months ago, that it serves as a portal to an Etsy shop,  or that the blog no longer exists.  Often you will find yourself at the last blog post,  where the author tells the readers why life has made it impossible to continue blogging. 

In general, It appears that many bloggers suffer from ADD.

I enjoy writing and keeping a blog.  Maybe that's the reason that I don't tend to get bored or worried if I don't get a lot of attention.  Although I really love to share with my readers, and to visit their blogs (if they have one) attention from readers is not why I blog.  I blog because I love the topics I write about and I love to write and author a blog.  Period. If I do have interaction from readers, then I'm even happier!   So I am not concerned about the number of comments or followers my blog has, hence, this blog has been around for a while and I have no plans to go away any time soon. 

I came back from my blog exploration with the strong feeling that many times, the author's true purpose for creating the blog has something, if not everything to do with the life span of the blog.  I also suspect that, in general, blog authorship takes more dedication and attention than many, if not most bloggers are willing to give.  Blogging is not dead.  The authors have just been distracted by that other new shiny thing over there, or their insatiable need for too much attention.

There is a fine line, however, between sharing life stories in a journal style, and using the blog as a diary where every emotion and problem is written about in detail.   When this is taken to an extreme, it's like being around  that way-too-needy friend who talks non-stop about her problems, but rarely pays attention to anyone else, nor does she ever seem to even want to hear about or try any solutions that others offer. Bloggers, for the most part, being kind compassionate people, often respond to these blog entries, offering support in the comment section, hence the entries will usually continue with the same or similar theme.  Please.   Blogging is not a substitute for therapy.

In keeping with the theme of this blog, I asked the Tarot if it would like to offer anything on this subject and  The Wheel of Fortune appeared.

The Wheel of Fortune in regards to this subject is likely delivering the message of change, "what goes around comes around."   Yes, perhaps blogging is changing, or even ending.  Other social media sites are competing, and replacing stories with FB posts. 

Maybe people do not want to commit their time to something that doesn't provide instant gratification.  Being "social" now requires groups of "friends", rather than close, intimate friendships between trusted friends.  So blogging, which often allows the reader to witness the emotional and personal lives of the authors, may not be what many social media lovers are looking for.  But what goes around often does come around again, so perhaps the glitter of FB and Twitter will eventually fade, where blogging, like well-loved hard-cover books will still hold the interest of those who just love to read.

I'm going to stick around and find out.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Knock, Knock. It's Me Again.

This post was written during a waning moon in the sign of Capricorn on a day ruled by Mercury

If you have something you must say to someone today, something of a delicate or emotional nature, then the energy of Capricorn could help you deliver the message without your emotions ruling the delivery.  This is not to say that this energy is unkind or harsh, but very practical and  matter-of-fact.  In some instances, having this manner when discussing emotional topics can often soften the edges of the subject matter.  While you may lack a great deal of empathy today, you will remain calm and patient and maybe even come off as being quite sincere and understanding.  

Good Morning Friends,
It is a quiet morning here and much cooler, thankfully.  Yesterday I spent a lot of time in my wild backyard, appreciating its beauty.  I also cleared a bit of it to use next Spring when I plant my magical herb garden, picked some more wild angelica and then harvested yet another ripe tomato. There is not even a little bit more room left out there.  Inside my house, it is the same.  I love to fill my rooms with beautiful things.  Some people would call this clutter, but I think there is a distinct difference between clutter and display, if it is done artfully.  My "stuff" sets a mood, defines a space,  warms the corners, tells a story and makes this house come alive.

Apparently, however, when it comes to my "inner home" I am not that interested in accumulating more stuff. 
Today's card is the Four of Cups.  I am being a bit of a loner these days, spending quiet time outside, gardening and just being. The summer is such a busy social time, when people are happily outdoors and conversing with each other.  Sometimes, I need a bit of quiet time to regroup from the social activity.

The Four of Cups can represent this time, but also reminds us not to shut ourselves off from offers of love and friendship.  This card points to another situation in my life, which involves a family member who is dealing with some personal issues in a rather self-help way.  Talking to her has caused me to think about emotional situations in my own life that I have not wanted to look at anymore.  Again, in this situation, I see the resistance to the cup that appears from a cloud.  (this is the second time this symbolism has presented itself lately.) I think my personal message is that I should remain open to healing through various ways, including books and well-meaning others, and balance my solitary time and contact with others.

In a reading this card can indicate the offer of love, friendship, or feelings that seems to come out of the blue.  The seeker may be ignoring the offer, and closed off to any new emotional situation.  His eyes are on the three cups that he already has, suggesting that his focus is on his life as-is.  The surrounding cards should reveal whether the seeker should keep doing what he is doing or be more open to new people, situations, and feelings.