The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Stitch in Time

Written during a waxing moon in the sign of Capricorn on a day ruled by Mercury.

Next Full Moon - October 8, 2014

“After all, a woman didn't leave much behind in the world to show she'd been there. Even the children she bore and raised got their father's name. But her quilts, now that was something she could pass on.”
― Sandra Dallas

I have been thinking about the coming Winter. Even though I know that the Winters here can be long and stormy, there is a cozy feeling surrounding the colder season.  I think of candles and oil lamps, fires burning , wood crackling, the first light flakes of snow. 

I also think of crafting, as this is my time to do some of the womanly arts.  Last year it was knitting, and I do still have that project to finish, but I am being drawn to learn something new.  My mother was very accomplished at cross stitching, and I am interested in learning.  Long ago she worked with printed cross stitch, using kits where the design came printed on the fabric.  This is not so popular now and I'm not sure those kits are still available, but counted cross stitch is still popular.  As much as I want to jump right in, picking out a design I love, no matter what the level,  I am going to do this the sensible way, starting with an easy kit to learn the basics.  But eventually I want to find myself read to attempt something of this level: 

Samplers are on my list of favorite things. My mom's sampler that hung for years above the sofa is waiting to be shipped to me.  I'm saving a special space in my living room for it.  
I love crafts, although I am far from skilled at them.  I love how inherently feminine they are, how no matter how busy women are they still seem to find time for their favorite pastimes. There is a quiet meditative rhythmic feel to these crafts, conducive to rocking back and forth, humming or singing. One of my favorite stories told by a friend of mine, involved a group of young women who were exhausted from dating disappointments, coming together to work their crafts while they took time off from men, pledging that until their projects were completed, they would not date, but sit, sew or knit and keep each other company.
Whenever I think of this story I smile, completely understanding the wisdom in this creative time out.  I marvel at this group of talented women who challenged themselves to step back and sit down with their friends and focus on a goal, a simple, quiet, craft which, when completed will prove  their ability to manifest, to persevere, and to be patient.