\“Tarot is a lyrical language of the soul's encounter with the Universe. It arises freely, and like the most dignified dance, allows us to express ourselves in motion to the music of the divine. The re-arrangement and reading of the deck is as sacred as the most religious ritual or act of love. Treasure it. Trust it. Let it divine you.”
Marcus Katz, Tarot Inspire

Friday, April 24, 2015

Page of Cups - A Watery Magical World

Written during a waxing moon in the sign of Cancer on a day ruled by Venus

 The mornings are still dark and moody.  Small lamps light the darkened corners.  Spring is coming very slowly, careful not to startle the world as it wakes from the deepest sleep. 

Today's Card is the Page of Cups .

The Paulina Tarot LINK
"Starfish stream from the page's cup, representing messages. Sprites emerge from a pair of lotus flowers, just as new ideas spring forth."

This is a very fitting card for me today.   I am truly this Page, immersing in the dreamy, watery world of the unknown.  Hermits, and now this dreamy page. 

The Rider Deck illustrates pages as young people, and indeed there is a childlike quality to these people, no matter how hold they are.   In the Rider deck, fish again is the unlikely messenger,  hinting to the sensitive nature of the Page.

Pages, as with the other court cards are commonly believed to represent people.  While I found this to be true some of the time, this is not always the case.  First of all, we sometimes forget that the message can be about the seeker him/herself, not necessarily the people in his/her life, and in some cases, more than we might suspect, the card gives insight into the personality of the seeker, so that we can understand how the other symbols, representing the current situation, will affect him/her.  This, in turn reveals what someone with this type of personality will do (has done) with the energies that are or have been present in his/her life and how it may affect the current situations, hopes, fears, others, etc.

There is a strange commonality to The Hermit and The Page of Cups.  They share a sense of spirit, sensitivity,  individuality, and otherworldly beliefs and practices.